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MaxViril: Discovery Pack

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4 FREE capsules MaxViril
MaxViril: Discovery Pack

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MaxViril Discovery Pack
4 FREE capsules MaxViril
(You only need to pay AU$4.95 for the shipping and processing fees)

Available in Australia and New Zealand
MaxViril is a 100% natural and very powerful product that works in only 18 minutes and can maintain your erection until the next day! It improves physical stamina and maintains a powerful erection, delaying ejaculation by making your glans less sensitive!

As the flow of blood to the penis is increased, its volume increases noticeably. MaxViril is suitable for all ages. For young men: excel yourself with astonishing performances. For more mature men (even the very mature): use it without the slightest danger, to rediscover the pleasure of making love.

We recommend trying our DISCOVERY PACK by ordering your free samples. You place your first order; but as for the second... it will certainly be placed by your wife or girlfriend! So don’t wait any longer... Order now and don’t miss this chance to rediscover your extraordinary virility!

The ingredients contained in MaxViril capsules have been tested and approved:

Rhodiola rosea: to intensify erections, control ejaculations and awaken sexual desires. Rhodiola improved sexual function in 70% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (a Russian study of 35 cases). In Siberia, Rhodiola is recommended both for those who suffer from sexual problems and for those who have no problems but would simply like to improve their performance.
Damiana: for increasing your sensitivity to sexual stimulation and boosting your libido. This plant from Central America is a powerful sexual and nervous tonic that accentuates hormonal secretions. Traditionally recommended for a weak libido and for all kinds of erectile dysfunction, it is reputed to be an aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual desires and functions.
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans): for boosting your sexual energy. The nutmeg is the fruit of a large perennial tree found in the southern regions of India. It acts as an energiser, a powerful tonic for the central nervous system that increases and maintains full sexual energy. It has a relaxing effect that helps to prevent and suppress premature ejaculation.
Saffron (Crocus sativus): for increasing the sensitivity of the penis in erection. In Middle Eastern medicine, it was used as a sexual tonic. It increases sensitivity during erotic practices and boosts vitality and energy.
Liquorice: for greater physical stamina. Liquorice root is a sexual tonic that brings oxygen to the genital apparatus in order to boost its stamina with increasing vitality.
Ginseng: for increasing sexual energy and power. This Asian root known as the fertility root has been used successfully by millions of men for thousands of years. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that it improves sexual performance whilst increasing the volume of sperm, thus optimising fertility.
Pine: to enrich the quality of sperm. Pine has antioxidant properties which improve the movement of sperm, thus giving a far richer quality of sperm that is also much more fertile. It also helps to restore erectile function.
Nettle: to liberate the male hormone. The root of the nettle (Urtica dioica) "unbinds" the male hormone (testosterone) from the SHBG protein (sex hormone-binding globulin).
Polygala comosa: to stimulate your sexual performance. Polygala comosa is a plant that improves, prolongs and intensifies sexual performance.

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